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Former Old Dominion star Carter Trice recently announced his intention to transfer to NC State. He has two seasons of eligibility remaining. 

Prior to leaving Old Dominion, Trice left his mark in Conference USA. In two seasons with the Monarchs, earning Freshman All-American honors in 2021 and Second Team All-Conference USA this past season. 

Trice, who is currently with Cotuit Kettleers of the Cape Cod League, was also named to the USA Collegiate National Team after his freshman season. 

Recently, the newest member of the NC State baseball program spoke with All-Wolfpack: 

All-Wolfpack: What led you to pick NC State after you decided to transfer? 

Carter Trice: I think one of the big things for me was playing with Team USA last year and kind of seeing how coach Avent worked like within the dugout, it was kind of like a no-brainer, how much he cares towards players, and then getting that feeling from him and having a personal relationship more than just a coach to a player, also a coach to a player, but a personal relationship within the staff is kind of what I saw. It was kind of a no-brainer to me.

All-Wolfpack: What does your family think of your decision to attend NC State? 

Carter Trice: They loved it. They thought it was an awesome place. They said Raleigh was super nice and facilities were nice and the campus gorgeous. My brother just got stationed in Columbia, South Carolina with the army, so he's not too far away either. He'll be able to come.

All-Wolfpack: What was Elliott Avent's reaction when you hit the portal? 

Carter Trice: He kind of just called and I could tell by the excitement of his voice. He was like, oh my God, you're in the portal. I didn't know this would happen, and you could kind of tell that he was extremely interested right away. He's awesome.

All-Wolfpack: How did you approach the portal?

Carter Trice: I wanted to be in and out, because I was in it for a day and it was a pretty stressful day on the phone all day with, parents, coaches, and everybody, so I wanted to get in and out and just be able to play the summer. 

I wasn't talking to anybody in front of the portal, but I kind of narrowed a few schools where I had an idea of who I talked to in high school, who was having success, who I kind of knew on the team. I already had stuff like that, so I kind of narrowed down to a small group, like right off the bat, because I didn't want to entertain a bunch of people and have it be super stressful. I just wanted to narrow it down.

All-Wolfpack: You showed versatility at ODU. Did NC State tell what position they want you to play? Did that factor in your decision? 

Carter Trice: I'm not too interested about where I'm going to play. I mean, I I'll play second, third, right, left, center, first. I have caught it a little bit too, but wherever I can be in the lineup that's the plan.

All-Wolfpack: You had 17 homers last season. NC State was a power hitting team in 2022. Does your plate approach mirror what the Wolfpack did, or can use provide versatility there also? 

Carter Trice: It really depends on if I hit first or ninth. Whatever is going to help, wherever I'm going to be the most successful for the team. If that's batting first, fourth, ninth, putting me around guys, I'm sure they do a great job of building lineup obviously and surrounding yourself with hitters and whatnot. I didn't look too much into it. I'm not really there yet, so I'm just still working and playing. I just play baseball. That's what I'm here to do.

All-Wolfpack: What are your goals at NC State? 

Carter Trice: The goal next year and my one or two years that I stay there is to win a championship. I played in a regional my freshman year. That was a great atmosphere and that's what I want to do again, and the goal is to get to Omaha, win Omaha, win that championship at NC State next year.

All-Wolfpack: You are playing in Cape Cod right now, but it sounds like you are excited to get the ACC portion of your career started.

Carter Trice: I'm pumped. It's going to be a new area of something new, but I'm excited. I've been watching ACC for a few years now and I've followed (NC State's) success. I'm excited to build on it. I love baseball. 

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