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Athletic Director Boo Corrigan wasn’t at NC State’s basketball game against NC State in Atlanta on Saturday.

He was at his family’s home in Charlottesville, Va., where his father and namesake Gene Corrigan Sr. Passed away overnight at the age of 91.

The elder Corrigan, who served as commissioner of the ACC from 1987-96, had been in poor health since suffering a stroke in 2018.

“My Dad led a remarkable life, Boo Corrigan said in a statement issued by State on Saturday. “He had a number of seemingly impressive titles - leader, mentor, coach, Commissioner, Athletic Director. His favorite titles, however, were Dad and Papa Gene.

“He and Mom found their greatest joy in family and in a profession where you can quickly lose sight of what’s most important, he was always authentic and found a way to make time for the most important things.”

In addition to being the third full-time commissioner of the ACC, Corrigan also served as president of the NCAA from 1995-97.

During his 10 years as ACC Commissioner, he provided progressive leadership for both the league and college athletics, presiding over the addition of the league’s ninth member, Florida State, in 1990. 

He was also one of the driving forces behind the formation of the Football Bowl Alliance, which at the time guaranteed a major bowl commitment for the ACC champion.

Needless to say, he was a driving influence in the career of his youngest son.

Boo Corrigan said that he has tried to pattern his own career — and life — after the example his father set.

“Since I arrived at NC State there’s hardly a day where someone doesn’t tell me about an interaction they had with my father and how it somehow made their day a little better, Boo said “He had that kind of impact on people.

“He meant so much to so many, his legacy of kindness, humility and integrity will endure.”