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 Hurricane Dorian has finally begun moving and forecasters are predicting it to skirt the North Carolina coast sometime late Thursday or early Friday.

Although the storm is expected to be long gone by the time NC State plays its scheduled football against Western Carolina on Saturday, school athletic officials are keeping a close eye on it just in case.

 “We’re certainly monitoring Hurricane Dorian, but are continuing our preparations for Saturday at the current time,” Wolfpack spokesman Fred Demarest said in a statement.

 While most eyes locally are focused squarely on Dorian’s path toward the North Carolina coast, Wolfpack coach Dave Doeren’s attention -- at least as far as the weather is concerned -- farther South.

Florida, to be specific, the home state of 10 current State players.

 “I know several of our players are dealing with that back home and all the kids that we're recruiting down there and family members and everything else,” Doeren said. “We went through this last year, but prayers go out to all the families in Florida right now and and hope that everything ends up with everybody safe.”