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Class of 2023 cornerback Brandon Cisse committed to NC State on June 14th. 

The 6-0, 170-pound native of Sumter, South Carolina picked the Wolfpack over several schools, including ODU and USF. Cisse, who camped at NC State less than two weeks earlier, is entering his senior season at Lakewood High and is a three-star according to 247. 

All-Wolfpack spoke to Cisse following his commitment to NC State.

All-Wolfpack: What about NC State led you to go ahead and make this decision?

Brandon Cisse: That was just the best fit for me, for my potential success, not just on the field, but best feel academically and things like that, so that was just the best fit for me and my family.  

All-Wolfpack: What academic path do you plan to pursue at NC State?

Brandon Cisse: I'll do a business, but they don't have my major in sports meds, so I'll take like a science, undergrad, things like that.  

All-Wolfpack: Did you initially plan on committing at this point? 

Brandon Cisse: It was more of a feel thing. There wasn't a set date. I planned on doing it my birthday (July 3), but it just felt like the best fit for me.  

All-Wolfpack: What is your impression of Dave Doeren?

Brandon Cisse: My impression of Dave Doeren is he is the most straightforward guy you'll ever meet, but that's one of the best traits that you want out of a coach. A guy that's straightforward. He's honest, so he is a great man. He's everything I look for in the head coach. 

All-Wolfpack: What position coaches at NC State have you interacted with?

Brandon Cisse: I actually first met coach Wiles, so coach Wiles is the first coach to invite me up in there. I met coach Wiles and everything like that. It was great, and coach Mitchell, of course my cornerback coach. Mitch is the best man; his track record speaks for himself. He's one of the best. 

All-Wolfpack: How vital is it for NC State to recruit your area of South Carolina, along with Georgia and Florida, if they want to be elite. 

Brandon Cisse: Definitely I think South Carolina is also a good state recruit. Those guys from Florida and Georgia, they are also some pretty good ballers man, so we're trying to land some guys from there too. 

All-Wolfpack: What is your impression of the NC State fan base? 

Brandon Cisse: The fans, there were definitely pretty wild and it's crazy. They really love the game of football up there in Raleigh. It's amazing, it is an amazing culture, you know, coach Doeren instilled it. It's my job to try to keep it going. 

All-Wolfpack: What were the things you looked for from a school before the recruiting process kicked in?

Brandon Cisse: Relationships, academics, football, and setting up for after football life.  

All-Wolfpack: What do you think about the NIL initiatives? 

Brandon Cisse: I don't worry too much about that. I'll take care of the business, but that's definitely something I'm interested in, in building my own brand, make money off my name, image and likeness. 

All-Wolfpack: What are some of your personal goals when you get to NC State?

Brandon Cisse: Of course, putting on a little bit more weight, but that'll come naturally. They'll take care of my body and just learn more about my body and things like that. How to activate a certain muscle, how to keep my twitching, things like that. 

I think one of my biggest goals going into college right now is I currently run a 4.45, so I think the goal is to get down probably to 4.39, if that's possible, by the time I leave college. I think that's one of my biggest goals.  

All-Wolfpack: Finally, if you could speak directly to NC State fans what would you say to them?

Brandon Cisse: I'd just say humble. I think that's the word, you know, humble but hungry at the same time, that's going to put his head down, he's going to be humble. He's not going to ask for anything, but at the same time he's going to work for everything, just coming in with a ready mindset, to be able to try to do my best from day one. I think that's what it's all about.

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