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Wolfpack Fans Help Spring Huge Upsets in ACC 'Best Of' Bracket

Thanks to the support of NC State fans, Wolfpack greats Julius Hodge and T.J. Warren have beaten higher-seeded players to advance to the Sweet 16 of the ACC's "Best Player of the Last 50 Years" bracket

Rivals can say whatever they want about NC State fans.

And they often do.

But love them or hate them, this much is indisputable about Wolfpack supporters: No one in the ACC and perhaps the nation is as passionate in the support they have for their teams. 

Wolfpack Nation is proving it again by the way it is backing its entries in the ACC's "Best Player of the Last 50 Years" bracket.

On Monday, State fans voted 2004 ACC Player of the Year Julius Hodge, the No. 7 seed in the so-called Greensboro Region to an upset victory against Duke's second-seeded J.J. Redick, a two-time Player of the Year who was the ACC's all-time leading scorer when he finished his career with the Blue Devils.

The final tally was 53.8%-46.2%.

Then Tuesday, State's fans helped pull off an even bigger upset by lifing 2014 ACC POY T.J. Warren, the No. 8 seed in the Charlotte Region to a narrow 50.2%-49.8% victory against top seeded three-time National Player of the Year Ralph Sampson.

This is not to suggest that Warren had a better college career than Sampson -- or that Hodge had a better career than Redick, either. To argue that would be absurd. The numbers speak for themselves.

But what the numbers also show -- at least in this unscientific, subjective and in many ways silly competition designed to give people something to fill the void while all sports in America have been put on hold -- is that Wolfpack fans have no equal when it comes to supporting their own.

They'll have two more chances to show it during the ongoing round of 32 this week.

David Thompson, the top seed in the Brooklyn Region is currently going head-to-head against No. 9 seed Purvis Ellison of Louisville. If you haven't already, you can cast your ballot by clicking here.

On Thursday, the final round of 32 region will be contested with fifth-seeded Rodney Monroe going up against No. 10 seed Donovan Mitchell of Louisville.

Hodge's Sweet 16 opponent will be No. 3 Darrell Griffith, also of Louisville, while Warren's next opponent will be fifth seeded Jared Dudley of Boston College.